Spyglass Property Management


P.O Box 574 - Bradenton, Florida 34206

   Tel: 941.465.6546

  • With literally thousands of properties in various stages of foreclosure in our service area you have to have properly maintained properties to get them off your books.
  • Properly maintained properties sell sooner and for more money than "project" properties.
  • Listing agents in the area are overwhelmed with the number of properties available and frustrated at the number of potential buyers that cannot get financing due to economic conditions or property appraisal value.
  • We will keep your maintenance costs to a minimum while maintaining the property to an acceptable standard.
  • If you are not from this tropical environment it only takes a few days of high temperature and high humidity to have mold set in. Once this takes place it is very expensive to repair.
Cost effective monitoring:

Initial inspection and photography $35.00 per hour.

  • (4) Home Visits per month $125.00
  • (2) Home Visits per month $75.00
  • (1) Home Visits per month $50.00

Institutions with 5 properties of more will have a consolidated report of properties published on a private web page.
Source: Realtytrac July 2010

Bradenton, FL  Foreclosures:  3,138

Value 12 month change: -16.99%

Median Estimated Value: $106,757