Spyglass Property Management


P.O Box 574 - Bradenton, Florida 34206

   Tel: 941.465.6546

Periodic inspections of vacant properties are necessary to maintain the condition of any property.  A few days of no air-conditioning in Florida can lead to mold and mildew that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

If a property is for sale, regular inspection will reveal important maintenance items that can make the difference between getting viable offers and having a property sit on the market for long periods of time.

Let us help secure your Home, Business or Investment Property for the season, vacation or sale.


  • Monitor temperature and humidistat controls
  • Water & Fertilize Inside Plants
  • Check all doors, windows & entryway
  • Check security system
  • Check on vendors, landscaper, pool service & pest control
  • Check Fire Alarms
  • Inspect the outside of the property
  • Run faucets & toilets
  • Check automatic lighting
  • Provide paper or electronic reports


  • Collect newspapers and mail & forward desired items to specified address ($35.00 per month plus postage)
  • Hurricane shutter set-up and storage in preparation of the Atlantic Hurricane Season ($35.00 per hour per person)
  • Start and run cars ($25.00 per month)
  • Vendor management; Spyglass will inspect their work and hold then accountable. We work with local vendors for a small management fee.
  • Spyglass will contact you immediately if any severe issues arise and we will assist you in resolving the issue

Properties that are for Sale:

  • Spyglass will conduct a thorough inspection of the property and write up an overall report of the initial condition of the property ($35.00 per hour).
  • Spyglass will take high quality pictures and will help write or rewrite your listing ($35.00 per hour).

Options Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly for the basic service above:

  • (8) Home Visits per month $250.00
  • (4) Home Visits per month $125.00
  • (2) Home Visits per month $75.00
  • (1) Home Visits per month $50.00